Proof-of-Concept manufacturing
Once the Proof-of-Concept (PoC) boards are fully assembled and
inspected, they are usually mounted in an enclosure. This is an option
that can be selected on the inForm page.
There is a wide selection of enclosure structures and materials ranging
from simple plastic box to NEMA-rated electrical boxes or to extruded
aluminum housings. At
EPC we use the most common products from:
- Hammond Manufacturing has a wide selection of extruded
enclosures, diecast aluminium boxes or a simple sheet metal
double-U shaped project boxes
Pac-Tec Enclosures has DIN rail, rack mount, Outdoor IP67 and
various utility and desktop plastic enclosures
Polycase manufactures larger size NEMA-rated electrical
Serpac has small, ergonomic plastic cases for handheld devices

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