Board design and Layout
Prototype boards are typically made as 2 layer boards for easy
debugging and modification, should it be necessary to do so.

EPC however, does not have a limit on the number of layers. We will
use the number of layers needed to achieve low noise, RF-shielding,
analog-digital circuit separation, crosstalk, controlled impedance or
other parameters as required.
Based on the function of your design, we will pay attention to:
- Reducing noise and EMI
- Avoid crosstalk
- Unwanted coupling between analog and digital signals
- Isolation of low noise and digital circuits
- Controlled impedances if required
- Mounting features, avoidances and keep-outs
Your prototype board is typically made out of FR4 material. Rogers
4350, 4003, Aluminum substrate and special RF board materials are
also available upon request.
We can design circuit boards with very tight tolerances for:
- High speed digital circuits
- High density BGA, CGA devices
- Mixed signal circuits
- Low noise analog circuits
- RF and microwave boards (co-planar wave guide, microstrip,
differential pair, transmission line, etc)
The original design files remain the property of EPC. The manufacturing
files (Gerber-files) are provided upon request at no cost.
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